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Here at Fresh Eats we are driven by our love for fresh and vibrant food and enjoy nothing more than sharing our passion with the people of Bristol. 

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Ever since I was a child I've always had a love for food - prepping it, cooking it, plating it and of course eating it.

A lot of this love stemmed from my French Grandma and spending most of my school holidays out in France. My Grandma is a great classical cook and I always used to help in and out the kitchen, whether it be out picking the herbs or tightening up the pressure cooker!

From my time visiting Grandma in Boëssé-le-Sec, I realised that there is something really special about food and the importance of it. It has the ability to get those who matter most to you around a table to enjoy each others company over great food and this is something that has stuck with me since. 

Growing up, food was always an important part of family life. Every evening Mum prepared supper and we always ate as a family round the kitchen table. Sunday roasts were the highlight of the week, with extended family and friends often present. My love for food has never diminished since then and it's the reason I have pursued a career in catering.


I've worked for several companies in the food and drink industry over the years, ranging from wedding and event catering to food festivals - where I had the opportunity to be exposed to multiple roles, including waiting, prepping and cooking. 

Starting Fresh Eats with Sam is the product of all these experiences.

We produce each order by hand using the freshest ingredients available and always source our produce lovally where possible
We produce each order by hand using the freshest ingredients available and always source our produce locally where possible

Our Story

The story of Fresh Eats starts in an office.

From 2015 to 2017 we worked for an IT solution provider, where we were exposed to regular meetings, events and staff treats.


One constant struggle was the lack of interesting food options to provide our clients when they visited the office, which is where the idea for Fresh Eats was born. 


We saw an opportunity to provide the businesses of Bristol with more varied and interesting flavours, inspired by our love for world cuisine. 


Coupling our passion for good food and great customer service, we quit our jobs and started Fresh Eats with just £900 in 2018. Since then we have been on a mission to raise the bar on what a corporate lunch can be.

We also cater for a range of private events too - don't hesitate to get in touch!!

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